Sergio Mendoza Garciabueno

Founder, Don Fulano

Sergio is member of the Fonseca family who have been, for generations, mayor agave farmers in the region of Los Altos (the Highlands) of Jalisco in México; today one of the most prominent tequila producing regions. 40 years ago Enrique Fonseca, Sergio’s uncle and partner, got its hands in the legendary Tequileña Distillery (NOM 1146) in the heartland of Tequila, from whose stills and well known ageing rooms have come products like Purasangre, Tres, Cuatro y Cinco and most recently, Fuenteseca.

Sergio and Enrique created Don Fulano Tequila in the year 2002, a full line-up produced 100% naturally from selected agave out of their Chapingo estate in Atotonilco, distilled exclusively in copper, and aged in dark European oak casks which have been previously used for Armagnac and red wines from Burgundy, Bordeaux and the Loire. Don Fulano has received many awards and distinctions in San Francisco, London, Mexico and Tokyo. Sergio is also founder and director of Don Fulano Global, which is a collaborative project of production, promotion, diffusion and preservation of Mexican artisan spirits. More than 15 producers from 7 states in Mexico are part of its small-brands portfolio which is distributed in 16 countries in 4 continents.  


Northwest Agave Fest
Sergio will be at both sessions of the Fest
Join us for a fun evening on our Agave Tasting Cruise aboard a beautiful Waterways yacht! Award-winning Mexican artisanal spirits will be paired with delicious hors d’oeuvres crafted by our Executive Chef, as the tequila experts share the history of each tequila from three famous Mexican distilleries and guide you through the tasting.