Oficial Mezcal Ambassador by COMERCAM
I was born in Mexico City, my passion for “la bonne chère” grew during my 20 years living in Paris, France.  Now in America, I’m importer of Mexican libations, always looking to share my appreciation for my crafts in three different languages—Spanish, English and French.
My friends call me ‘Lalo’, and I’m an enthusiastic Agave specialist, Managing Partner of Wahaka Mezcal, Back Alley Imports and Oenophile with a passion for promoting knowledge and understanding of these unique and complex libations made for generations in Mexico. 
Starting on March 2019, I’m an Oficial Mezcal Ambassador by the COMERCAM. 


Northwest Agave Fest
Eduardo will be at both sessions of the Northwest Agave Fest, and will be debuting two new Wahaka Mezcal releases: Repo on Rye and Wahaka Ancestral.
Wahaka Mezcal Night at Mission Cantina
Eduardo will explain the process of creating sustainably-produced mezcal and Wahaka’s reforestation efforts in Mexico through Fundación Agaves Silvestres. Virtually visit the Wahaka palenque where there is no machinery, no industrial equipment, no hint of mass production, because Wahaka believes the old world is still the best world.