Clayton Szczech

Agave Spirits Specialist - Experience Agave

Clayton is a Mexico City-based agave spirits specialist bridging the gap between beverage and culture. He has dedicated the past decade to the study and promotion of tequila and mezcal. He leads immersive, educational tours in Jalisco, Oaxaca, and Mexico City, studies with master distillers and tasters, is a certified Experto en Tequila, and the only non-Mexican national to earn the Tequila Regulatory Council’s prestigious “Double-T” certification. He co-founded La Cata – Tequila’s first and only independent tequila tasting bar, in 2017.


Northwest Agave Fest
Clayton and Experience Agave will have a table during both sessions of the Fest.
In our first Seattle event in three years, Clayton Szczech will host an educational tasting of four traditional spirits from Jalisco state on Thursday, September 26. The flight will include regional mezcal, raicilla and tuxca from various regions of Jalisco. These spirits are currently unavailable in the US.